Juraj´s Hostel - Bratislava
accommodation in Bratislava is just a stone´s throw from the main train station -
only a 7 minute walk. (click for map)

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This hostel is open All Year !

This spacious hostel with a small garden has a homey atmosphere with fireplace, kitchen, internet, satellite TV, washing machine and DVD movies included in the price.

A 15 minute walk from the hostel will put you in the middle of the old town, or jump on a trolleybus a few steps from the front door. Opposite and through the tunnel is the restaurant Richardo.

Your reservation will be cancelled if not confirmed by 4.00 pm arrival day.

Check out is individual, usually 13:00 with left-luggage possibilities till the evening.

Drop in sometime!

Warning about the public transport
You should always buy a ticket for you and for your pack in advance, then punch them on the bus or tram as quickly as possible.
You can be fined in a minute if you are checked.
The fine is 50,- EUR.

Bratislava is about 1 hour by train to Vienna.